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Name: Tan Jia Yuan
Gender: Male
Age: 20
B.O.D: 20 September 1989
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    Date: Tuesday, September 29
    Time: 1:16 PM

    Last sunday had a Potluck Birthday Party.
    It turned out great and there tons of foods~!!

    Lets see, I will start from the beginning of the day.
    I woke up early and packed all my laptop stuff then head to Patricia's house.
    When I reached there, all of them haven't wake up as JJ, Xiang and Kok Wei stayed over last night!

    Waited quite a bit then I dragged Kok Wei and Patricia to buy some grocery for cooking.
    And guess what, FIRST TIME I drove in Melbourne.
    Been a while since I last drove car and I really miss it. >.<

    Well, spent quite alot for the grocery and I didnt expect it.
    It was like $150 for the whole grocery item including pork. *GASP*
    Money down the drain already, time to earn back all those money.

    Then started cooking around 1 something.
    It took quite long process to cook all the foods.

    O ya, forgot to mention the food that I cooked.
    I cooked BuBurChaCha, Fruit Rojak, Belachan Fried Rice and BBQ Pork.
    Managed to finish all those food at 6 something.
    In between I did slack abit by playing DoTa with Kok Wei.

    Okay, guess I talked abit too much here.
    Lets the picture do the rest of the talking. x)

    BuBurChaCha in cooking process

    Cutting egg for the Belachan fried rice's side dish

    BBQ pork that just came out from oven.

    The food I cooked

    Fruit for Rojak; consists of guava, papaya, pineapple, green mango and cucumber

    Rojak Sauce

    Cut BBQ Pork

    Belachan Fried Rice with side dishes; consists of shredded egg, shallot, mango, chillies and lemon

    Almost all the food on table
    Consists of:
    Sushi, Inari, Jelly (Kar Yee, Carmen, Tommy and Jia Qi)
    KFC (Kok Wei, Patricia, Xiang and Jun Jie)
    Belachan fried rice, BBQ Pork, Fruit rojak (Me)

    Not on table:
    Blueberry Fruit Tart (Shin Yin)
    BuBurChaCha (Me)

    Then the party begins when AikSern and Lynn come.

    Kar Yee, me and Carmen

    Tommy and I

    Tommy, me and Jia Qi

    We all playing drinking games

    And at one point where we don't have soft drink left and while waiting for backup drinks, we decided to replace alcohol with SUSHI!
    OMG! we all were so STUFFED with sushi! O.o

    Red face people after drinking.

    SSB people

    Alcohols that we drank; Black Label and Soho!

    Around 11 something, everybody started leaving as they got stuff to do tomorrow.
    So Kok Wei, Jun Jie and I decided to play DoTa to pass the time. LOL!

    Picture of me with my red darling laptop being taken by Patricia! x)

    Picture of the night
    1, 2, 3, 4, and 5!

    I got some good compliments and feedbacks from people that my foods are great! >.<
    Thank you everybody for giving good comments. x)
    Hope everbody had fun that night and is a good memories to be remembered. ^^
    Gosh! So tired after whole day of cooking but really worth it. x)

    Then the next day, start to clean up and finished around 12 something!
    Then head back around 4pm for to shower and off to work.

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    Date: Sunday, September 27
    Time: 12:43 AM

    Yo people. I'm back to update again!
    This time update will be about my birthday celebration in Sawasdee.

    My birthday this year falls on

    What a nice date right. x)

    Had a great night with all my work collegues and manager.
    I celebrated with Susanton whom birthday on 23rd September.
    So we celebrated together with a cake.

    Lets the picture do the talking then. x)

    Susanto and JiaYuan Birthday Cake

    Waiting the songs to finish.

    Susanto and I cutting the cake. x)

    I opening the present

    Both of us got a wallet each and a card.

    My new wallet and card. x)

    Big manager with birthday boys

    Penny, Big godsister and I ------- Carey, Second gosister and I

    When we playing Roulade! O.o

    2 shot of RIBENA aka Red wine

    Second godsister being crazy!!

    Crazy picture!

    Almost everybody in Sawasdee' group picture!

    I really had a great night with them and is really fun playing games.
    I wasn't drunk as they planned to kill me but unsuccessful. Phew!

    Then what did i did for my birthday!? Hmm!
    Well, play badminton in the afternoon and had dinner with Nelson and KayTze.
    I asked Shireen and KarYee to come but they were busy with assignments so didn't drag them along.
    Then at night was suppose to go drinking with college mates but in the end, they didn't give me a call.
    So I stayed at home and rot!

    I like this picture alot because I look good in it. ((:


    Men, I can't wait for tomorrow as I'm holding a potluck party inconjuction of my birthday.
    And I will be cooking tons of foods.
    Hope it going to turn out great. x)
    Aik Sern plan to kill me but we shall see about that. Hehe!! ^^

    I will take a lots picture about tomorrow party especially the food. Yumm!!
    Okay. Need to rest early tonight as need full energy tomorrow. Toodles! x)

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    Date: Saturday, September 19
    Time: 9:38 AM

    Hey people.
    It's been a while since I last update my blog.
    It was completely dead.

    Now I'm back again. x)
    As you guys can see, I changed the skins and hope it nicer compare to last one.

    Since I didnt update since July, I guess I should start write about that time.
    Probably summary of them as if I would write the whole thing, can never end. LOL!

    Lets see!
    On July, had a farewell party at Sawasdee for Ai Lynn as she going to Korea for a year for studies.





    Then Joanne came down to Melbourne.
    I met up with her and bring her around to eat good foods.
    She came down with Kelly and we had fun chatting around.

    Then on August, I went Mt. Buller for ski-ing with Monash group.
    I had a nice day up there although I didn't get to sleep the whole night. >.<



    Late August, KarYee had house warming on her new house.
    AikSern and I went there after our badminton.
    The night was great as we laughed, talked and get to see funny things.




    I stayed over to help to clean up as I pity her mum that she need to clean up everything the next day.
    Her mum did ask me to stay over since it quite late to travel back to city and help her to clean up.


    KarYee just pointing at me when I cleaning the BBQ pit. >.<

    This month, September, celebrate Ton and Season's birthday last two week.
    There's when I doesnt have my voice for few days.


    Last Saturday, Rick, Kirk and I help out our Chef, Alan Woo for his short course class, Asian Noodles.
    Shin Yin tag along as she wants to learn also.
    It was really fun teaching aunties how to cook asian foods and guess what, all the aunties like me. >.<

    Now, I just finish first term of semester two. Wohoo!!
    I been really busy with schedule that packed of work, classes and assignments.
    Which there few sleepless nights, where I have to stay up and finish off assignments.

    Yesterday was a bad night.
    I argued with few work colleagues. I was just doing my worker duty. Is that wrong? I just tell the manager that the waitperson didn't open up the box properly when they threw the rubbish after packing up. Then the manager went and screw them about it. After that, they came down to the kitchen and scold me what did I complain to the manager and they claimed they opened up the boxes. As I can see from the bin when I throwing rubbish, there still few chunk of boxes in the bin. It makes me difficult to throw the rubbish and manager did tell me to tell him if there any big chunk of boxes in the bin. I was just telling the manager about it and it doesnt happen once but few times already.
    The waitperson don't feel happy about me complaining about it.

    "I just don't get it. Everything I do or say, is always wrong on people's eye. There won't have right thing for me. Is better for me to keep silent or just being dumb!"
    It just my rant from last night!
    Hope today is a better day as I'm off for the day. x)
    Was suppose to go Tulip farm but then nobody I know is going as they are busy with their assignments.
    Tonight going back to Sawasdee as they holding a birthday party for me.
    Now is less than 24 hours for 20092009!
    What a nice date for my birthday! Wee!! x)

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    Date: Wednesday, July 1
    Time: 12:00 PM


    So long haven't touch my blog already. >.<
    Almost a month.
    Gosh! I must be very lazy or busy working.
    Anyway time to update.
    Nothing much happen beside work work workkk~!!

    Talk about work.
    Last last saturday, our workplace had Cheryl farewell party and Fei Chai's birthday.
    We had game and drinking session. XD
    We all drink quite a lot and most of people was drunk but I'm not.
    Was able to control myself not to drink too much. >.<
    There's alot of pictures and videos.
    Sadly I only can upload some pictures only because the others are not allowed to be post.


















    That night was so fun and all.
    We had a good laughter for the night.
    Most people went back around 8 in the morning including me. Haha!

    That's the most happening night for last month.

    Beside that, work work work the whole 2 weeks. >.<

    O and I spent like $500 plus for jackets, jeans, bedsheets and quilt.
    WOhooo~! I'm brokee~! (:

    Then last saturday, I took off to help Kar Yee move house.
    Reached there the earliest then others came later.
    We all started at like 12 something then end like 4 something then we go grab something to eat.
    After that, around 5 something all of us went back.
    Then had dinner with Aik Sern, Yee Yean and Michelle.
    Had a good chat with them altho I just met Aik Sern and Michelle.
    We like friends for long period. Haha! (:
    Had a tiring and great day.
    Slept quite early at 10.30pm.
    Couldn't even open my eyes.

    Then Monday morning wake up to go clean my workplace's kitchen.
    Spent like hours to clean wei.
    Then I decided to take off at night as I was too tired. >.<
    Went back around 6 something and rest.
    After that, have dinner with my housemate and his gf. (:

    This week I don't work that much as I off from work for Tues and today.

    Last night had steamboat with Tom, Johnathan and Jane at home.
    Damn filling and yummy~!! ((:

    Tonight going have steamboat again at my work colleague place.
    And watch Transformer 2.
    Woooo, can't wait for tonight... ((:

    I think that's all for now.
    Will try to update more often.

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